Tips from our Chairman Sid

Taking cuttings

  1. Fuchsia cuttings can be taken all year round if you have the mother plants in your greenhouse that are in green.   
  2. Start with preparing the compost using 3 parts compost, 1 part horticultural sand and mix well
  3. Fill a small pot with the mix and stand it in a saucer of water for a few minutes.
  4. Select the plant you wish to take the cutting from, making sure the plant is disease free
  5. With a sharp knife or scissors cut the growing tip to quarter of an inch below a pair of leaves
  6.  Trim the bottom leaves by half so as not to touch the compost
  7.  With a dibber poke some holes in the compost and gently push the cuttings into the compost
  8.  Place the pot in a frost free place and keep them warm, not in full sun, and keep them moist
  9.  they should be rooted in 3 to 4  weeks

This time of year your local nursery will be selling small rooted cuttings.  Why not pop in and see what they have on offer.