ABOUT OUR CLUB by Chairman Sid Garcia

Very little is known of the early years of our society WSCFP, but from a box full of old trophies dating back to the 1900’s, and some information from senior members, I can put some history down.

The WSCFP began life in 1892 and the shows started in 1899.  Then it was known as Windsor and
Eton Chrysanthemum and Horticultural Society, and was based in Eton.  In 1928 it was renamed Windsor and Eton Chrysanthemum and Dahlia Society and continued to be popular in the area.
After the First World War things took some time to get going again, but when they did, Societies appeared in towns and villages up and down the country.  Shows began to be popular with the public.  Our society grew and
prospered, with membership well over a hundred, by then moving  into Windsor.  In the same era, Eton was dropped from the name and became Windsor Chrysanthemum and Dahlia Society.
Thanks to Mike Sibley and Albert Hockley, Fuchsias and Pelargoniums were introduced in 1968, and have been very successful ever since, with many WSCFP members, as well as the society in general, exhibiting at the RHS Halls in London, and up until now members are still showing on the national stage.
On to 1988, Slough Chrysanthemum Society found that due to lack of members they would have to disband. An approach was made to the Windsor Society. The result of which was a merger of the two, now known as WSCFP Society.

We are proud to have had Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II as our patron in the past, and four trophies connected to the Royal Family are still in use today -  King Edward, King George, Queen Mum in class one in Fuchsia, then in 1999 for our centenary show, Her Majesty gave us permission to ‘use her name’ on a new trophy.  So Queen Elizabeth II Cup was introduced.  Up until this year, we were proud to have the Lord Lieutenant of Berkshire as our patron, but we are now looking for someone else to fulfill the role.

We are still going strong and put on five good shows a year, with exhibitors coming from a large surrounding area, and as far as Wiltshire and Somerset.  As a lot of the members are exhibitors at national level, the shows are of a good standard, with 152 exhibits at the Fuchsia show and 140 at the Pele show in 2014.

All there is left to do is to say ‘thank you’ to Mike Sibley’s and Bob Clark’s reports written in 1999 from where I used parts, and all other members in the Society who contributed towards this article, not forgetting
that boxful of trophies.

Extracts from the Windsor Observer dated 1898 and 1899  (originals in newspaper archive)
Publication: Slough, Eton & Windsor Observer, issue 861, 18/11/1899 ... Mrs. Ewen ;   Windsor and Eton  Chrysanthemum Society District Chrysanthemum and Horticultural Society Annual  .Show.. 

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